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Uncover the key to employee retention: Craig Simms, CEO of Amplify Consulting Services, discusses why conscious leadership is crucial in today's workplace and how going deeper with employees is the solution to the ongoing talent crisis.

Our Expertise

We specialize in providing strategic leadership and executive coaching for the life science industry, focusing on areas such as leadership development, team development, and business strategy, among others.

Our services include consulting, training programs, executive coaching, and people assessments, delivered through virtual and in-person formats such as intensives, roundtables, and keynotes.

Amplified Leadership

Strategic Consulting, Executive & Team Coaching

Performance and resilience are greatly impacted by repeated exposure to stressful situations. Even the best performing, and most resilient professionals have been affected by events of the last few years and continue to be challenged with adapting to the fragmented workplace.   This relentless disruption has created a new set of challenges for leaders to motivate, inspire, and bring out greatness in others – and in themselves.

Implementing organizational health is not about becoming mental health professionals.  It is an organizational paradigm shift that recognizes and acknowledges the role leadership plays in workplace health during these turbulent times – including leaders, employees and clients (Forbes, 2021).

Organizations are leaning on DEI leaders more than ever to make effective changes. Yet, many continue to fall short as they continue to search for metrics that are meaningful.

Most urgent is the need to equip leaders with a new set of skills to navigate the constant stress and anxiety from the uncertainty of our environment.   Leaders are in need of new skills to address the mental, emotional, physical, and social challenges that we have endured and will continue to endure into the near future.

Amplified Leadership™ is founded in Energy Leadership™, a unique framework of leadership and also, literally, to the process of leading energy so that it works for you, rather than against you. Traditional leadership programs that focus on behavioral competencies to develop highly effective leaders are still a foundational part of employee development.  Yet, our current time requires a drastically enhanced approach.  One that looks beyond competencies to consider inner experiences from a trauma-aware lens. That’s exactly what Amplified Leadership™ does.

We utilize a holistic approach to equip leaders to manage their own energy and the energy of others, especially during times of repeated stress and high anxiety.   Such an approach enables organizations, and their leaders to access a higher level of awareness to effectively respond to the mental, emotional, physical, and social influencers of today.

Our coaching methodology positively influences and supports constructive change in individual perspectives, emotional reactions, and behavior patterns of leaders, workers, and whole organizations.  When leaders learn to harness their core energy productively and train their employees to do the same, people and companies change for the better. Workplace relationships improve, communication increases, teamwork intensifies, productivity rises, and profits grow (Waldorf, 2018).

In our approach, there are two types of energy: anabolic and catabolic. Anabolic energy is constructive, expanding, fueling, and creative, and works for a person. Conversely, catabolic energy is destructive, draining, or resisting and works against a person. The key to achieving physical and emotional well-being and high performance lies in learning to decrease destructive, constricting catabolic energy while releasing the natural flow of expansive, healing anabolic energy. By generating more anabolic energy, you gain greater access to creativity, intuition, cooperation, synergy, acceptance, and deep understanding that is sustained over time.

Through our process, leaders find they can make quick decisions with clarity and confidence in uncertain times.  They have an increased self-awareness and confidence in leading teams. By putting aside one’s agenda and listening from this new level of awareness, leaders become fully present and employees are heard at a meaningful level. The impact on the bottom line is that organizations experience increased engagement, innovation, equity and inclusion.


Tailored Leadership Workshops and Training

We meticulously craft each workshop and training session to resonate with the unique demands of your organization and business unit. Delve into our top-rated sessions, frequently sought after by our esteemed clients:

Amplified Leadership™: Unlock the Power Behind Exceptional Leadership Performance.

Navigating Resilience: Stand Strong Amidst Change, Expansion, and Disruptions.

Transitioning from Bud to Boss: Cultivate the Mindset of a Successful New-age Manager.

Mastering Tough Talks: Elevate Past Conflicts and Forge a Path to Cooperation.

Leadership through Emotional Intelligence: Lead with Compassion, Understanding, and Insight.

Elevate Your Leadership: Essential Coaching Techniques for Tomorrow’s Leaders.


– The Amplified Leader / Manager Training Program:  A series of 8 comprehensive modules for leaders that focus on each step of the Talent Development Cycle as recommended by the ATD (Association of Training and Development). 

  • Hiring Great Talent
  • Aligning Goals With Strategy
  • Providing Clear Expectations and Feedback
  • Developing Others Through Coaching
  • Leading Effective and Empowering One on One’s
  • Managing Difficult Performance Conversations
  • Building a Motivational Environment
  • Practicing Relationship Strategies That Build Trust


Energy Leadership Index™ | DiSC® | EQi 2.0® | EQi 360®

Individual | Group | 360 Degree

We utilize a range of assessments based on the goals of the client and their team.  We specialize in the The Energy Leadership Index™ (ELI), an attitudinal assessment that describes how you approach projects, tasks, and situations under optimal and stressful situations. By working with our coaches using the ELI, you can discover how to live and lead powerfully, authentically, and without all the stress. The Forbes Coaches Council lists the Energy Leadership Index™ as one assessment every leader should take to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

How We Work With Clients

We work with two categories of clients: private and corporate. Private clients are individuals who come to us for one-on-one executive coaching services directly. They pay fees for services that best suit their individual personal development goals.

Coaching programs and leadership workshops for corporate clients are tailored to their employee or business unit needs. The fees for corporate clients are paid by the corporation (sponsor). The confidentiality of the client coaching relationship is paramount to a successful coaching agreement.  Broader organizational goals for the coaching program are agreed upon in advance with the sponsor.

Fee arrangements vary based on the type of client. You can learn about service rates and options for private and corporate clients by contacting us at 

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