Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use any tests to assist me in examining career direction?

Yes, we use certain temperament tests to assist in determining various career directions for which a client is well suited. However, we find that a combination of one-on-one coaching combined with test results is far more effective in assisting a client in establishing alternative paths. Test results lacking background information and interpretation have limited value.

How long can I expect to work with your organization?

That is a difficult question to answer since it is highly dependent on the individual and the amount of time that he or she is willing to put into the process. Since the beginning of Amplify Consulting Services, our numbers reflect that most clients are with us approximately eight one-hour sessions. This allows the client to work on his or her specific issue or issues and determine methods to address next steps, whether the objective is a career transition, executive coaching, or an entrepreneurial pursuit. Generally, these clients begin with us in a career transition mode and migrate to executive coaching after their transition to focus on strategies for success.

How often should I plan to speak or meet with you?

Most clients meet with us at least once a week by teleconference or in person. In some cases, it is necessary for clients to schedule once every two weeks due to heavy workloads or travel schedules. While this does not present a major problem, we highly advise that client not push out our meetings beyond once every two weeks since much of the momentum that they have developed in the early stages of our efforts can be lost.

Are teleconferences as effective as in person meetings?

Yes. Since over 55% of our clients are remote. We find that much of our coaching occurs by teleconference. Teleconferences are scheduled at times that are convenient with the clients' schedules and take into account the varying time zones. In some cases, the teleconference format is preferable since it allows clients to schedule outside of the peak work times. With the use of the Internet, it is quite easy to move documents back and forth on the web with minimal effort and teleconferences can be a highly effective, targeted method for communicating.

Can I expect to have assignments between sessions?

Yes. You will find that we provide specific tasks and research to be accomplished between our teleconferences or in person meetings. This coaching approach allows the client to be as productive as possible so that the coach is able to facilitate and enhance the work that the client has done on his or her own time. Client response to this approach is quite positive since it allows the client to maximize the time that he devotes to the change process.

Why do you ask for credit card information prior to the first appointment?

Credit card information allows us to reserve a specific time slot exclusively for the client. No credit card charges are ever processed until after completion of a coaching session unless the client fails to provide us with 24 hour cancellation notice prior to a scheduled appointment time, including the first session (we request cancellation by 5PM on Friday for a Monday session). Once the credit card information is on file, we are able to simply process your charge at the end of a session and send a receipt to your email address. You can then print it and save the receipt for your records.

Why do I sometimes see a charge to my credit card for your services prior to my first session?

Amplify Consulting Services, LLC does not charge any credit card in advance of a session. However, as a part of the process of setting up your account with us, our accountant does 'pre-approve' the credit card that you have provided us. That will frequently appear to you as a charge or a transaction done without your credit card present. This is NOT a charge, but it is simply a pre-approval.

Can I use insurance to pay for your services or can I write off any portion of my expenses?

No. You cannot use health care coverage to pay for our services, but we strongly suggest that you check with your tax professional to determine if the costs of our services and any related expenses can be tax-deductible.

What is your ratio of success with your clients?

Measuring ratio of success is difficult when you consider that many clients have completely separate agendas as they approach our organization. The client measures whether they have been successful or not. That success could be a new position, the launch of a new enterprise, a consulting contract, a better offer on an opportunity, resolution of a problem at work, faster advancement in the corporation, or improving the use of communication skills with the boss. The fact that we have had no client complaints or requests for refunds should be a testament to the level of satisfaction that our clients have with our services.

Can you provide me with references?

Unfortunately, the nature of the support that we provide is completely confidential. As a result, we carefully safeguard the identities of our current and former clients. In some cases, former clients have agreed to speak with individuals regarding our services, but this is done on a limited basis.

Which is better: payment by the hour or purchase of a package of sessions?

The choice is completely left up to the client. We normally suggest that the client plan on paying for the first session on an hourly basis. Then, he or she is able to get a flavor for the coaching session and the coach. By the end of the session, the coach will ask for the payment method that the client prefers and will follow the instructions of the client at that point in time. The advantage of the package of sessions over the individual hourly fee is a quantity discount offered. For details on these discounts, please refer to the "Services" page.

Do you offer a first meeting for free?

We offer a free 30 minute complimentary session for those interested in learning about the coaching experience. Unlike attorneys and other professionals, our work begins at the first paid session. We work diligently with the client from that first moment to diagnose the issue and determine a next step in the process. Since the services that we provide are executive and career coaching, the delivery of that service is provided in the first hour. However, naturally, we are happy to speak by telephone with clients prior to that first paid session to answer any questions that they have which may not have been addressed on our website.

What types of clients do you work with?

We work with a wide range of clients, including C-suite, D-suite and other senior executives. Many times meeting with  middle management, supervisory, and, in some cases, entry level candidates is beneficial to help achieve the executive's and organization's goals.