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Team Development and Executive Coaching for Technical Leaders

Many corporate executives and business professionals have accomplished a lot in their career, but have an inherent “knowing” that they can be more. Not just contributing more at work, but in all areas of life – home, family, friendships, and community. Core Energy Coaching™ connects you with your purpose and passion in a way that leads to better results, with less effort and less stress while also creating more productive relationships. The payoff is a greater sense of fulfillment and connection in all areas of life.

Whether you are seeking a personal executive coach, navigating your career to pursue a passion, or building a high-performing team, together we break through old beliefs that have held us back and start living a life that is fully authentic, powerful, and rewarding.

Hours collaborating on novel product launches
Years driving cross-functional projects in sophisticated industries
Hours of hands-on experience collaborating with thought leaders personally

Work With Us

Strategic Consulting

During this period of accelerated change and relentless disruption, organizations seek innovative solutions at a pace like never before. We are on the front lines with global clients creating new business processes, maximizing communication platforms, and implementing programs to motivate and inspire remote employees and field teams.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is life coaching for leaders. To meet the new demands of today, leaders must fully understand themselves before they seek to understand others, and to lead from a space of awareness and inspiration. Identifying and owning our self-imposed rules frees us to perform at a higher level. We work together to generate ideas that empower you with a new perspective and improve performance across all areas of your life.

Virtual Roundtables & Leadership Workshops

We create custom, done-for-you virtual roundtables that keep you in touch with thought leaders and the rapidly changing market. We facilitate internal roundtables driving teams to develop innovative solutions and team buy-in. Today’s employees demand quality on-going training and development. Our workshops are tailored to specific business unit needs of your team.

Raving Fan Reviews

“Craig’s coaching has been an incredibly important piece of my professional (and human!) development. I’ve worked with several coaches before, but the guidance and support I felt from them pales in comparison to what I experienced with Craig.”

Professional Athlete,

“Through Craig’s tactful and accurate observations and experience, he helped me identify areas that needed to be considered differently. His coaching drives me to be a better person in every aspect of my life. I highly recommend Craig for anyone who wants to be the best version of themselves.“

Sr. Executive,
Healthcare Company

“You have an uncanny gift for motivating and encouraging people through the process of identifying that magical place where passion meets skill-set.“

Sr. Account Executive,
Global Communications

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